Scientific-production company KharkivTrans Limited

We buy metal, make the blanks, do forming, lathing, milling, hardening, polishing, coating and deliver the finished product to the customer

Production phases


For our blanks we only use metal which meets the GOST standards


Hot forming. The blank is shaped into the manufactured product.


Our machines and skilled personnel produce goods of high quality and reliability.


Our product is manufactured in compliance with the relevant GOST standards.

How is a nut made? Take a look!

Our production

We use various machines in our production cycles, but most machine operations are performed with CNC tools. To use and adjust a CNC machine, a worker must be highly skilled. And this is a top priority of our recruitment policy. Negligence cannot be tolerated. A CNC machine operator has not only to be able to use it, but also to be familiar with the programming software.

Being a CNC machine operator means continuously educating yourself, finding and learning new technologies in order to improve the production process.

Back call

Our product samples

The photos present some of the products manufactured by our production company.

Contact Information

SPC KharkivTrans Limited produces slotted (castellated) nuts in compliance with the GOST 5918-73
Our products are used by railway-carriage repair and building companies of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

We also produce a large variety of repair parts for railway freight wagons and passenger coaches.
In 2009, production of component parts for building and agriculture was started.

Our address:
93 Myronosytska Str., Kharkiv, Ukraine

For mail: Post office 61023, box 10299

Phone: (+38) 057 714-30-73, 714-16-61
Fax: (+38) 057 703-20-44

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